At CUSRC we field around four men's teams and two women's teams. The men's and women's first team have two coached sessions a week, whilst the lower teams have one coached session, and one session led by Blues. There is a weekly fitness session that all members are expected to attend.

The teams compete in the Cambridgeshire leagues, playing against other clubs in Cambridgeshire in the weekly league matches. These are a great opportunity to play some competitive squash as well as team bonding. Both the men's and women's side also enter a team in the Cambridgeshire Cup, an annual knockout competition.

The club also plays a number of invitational matches against the Jesters, Escorts and GB Vets, as well as with several Bath Cup and Services teams.

Benjamin Adams
Matthew Wong
Patrick Foley
Anant Gupta
Siddhant Sinha
Raphie Reeves

Jai Matharu
Calum Harvey
Ben Pang
Patrick Nickols
Duncan Greenshields

Brandon McBride
Ollie Norton
Oli Johnson
Finn Andrews
Joe Betts

Arjun Rajkumar
Ben Gladwyn
Nathan Clark
Damir Ari─ôs Kayani
Ollie Pitman

Ellie White
Rachel Chen
Nina Bugeja
Hannah Taylor
Lana Howell
Anna Knight

Anabelle Wells
Kelly Yip
Susie Di Vial
Tirion Hills
Shreya Aggarwal

Millie Williams Walker
Mayching Lai
Alison Dauris
Anjana Yodaiken
Priyanka Gopalkaje
Emma Capps