College Squash

Though the University side requires a greater degree of commitment, College squash is a great way to play in a more relaxed environment.
Many colleges have squash courts that can be booked out and there is also a thriving inter-collegiate league that runs each year. Colleges often field multiple teams with standard ranging from experienced players to complete beginners.

There is also a knockout Cuppers tournament, which we will be planning to run in Lent!

If you would like to get involved in College Squash, your best option is to contact your college’s squash captain or JCR. If your college does not have a squash team, or you are not affiliated with a college, it is best to try and get in touch with the squash captains at a nearby college who will generally let you join their college’s side.

The Sports Centre also run "Give it a Go" sessions for Squash; more information can be found here:

To contact the college league secretary, please email: